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Earthly Body Massage Oil Unscented 2oz

Earthly Body Massage Oil Unscented 2oz

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This mega masturbator is a realistic piece of ass, with over 20 lbs. of soft, Fanta-flesh engulfing and massaging your cock. It feels better than the real thing!Slap that big round ass and listen to the whack -- it sounds and feels just like a real ass. Spread the cheeks, ram the tight little asshole, and fill it with every inch you've got. Now, flip it on its back and the perfect pink pussy lips are begging for your dick. When you're done, cleanup is a snap. Then tuck it under the bed or in the closet for easy storage.The pussy and ass openings are deeper than previous models with thicker walls inside separating the rubber and the foam core. The hole on the backside of the masturbator is for air-release only. This hole does not connect to the pussy or ass and is not a drainage hole. It is designed to let air escape when in use. If you submerge the masturbator completely in water, the foam core gets wet, the core will shrivel up and get much smaller. Only clean the masturbator by flushing water in and out through the two connected holes.Box includes:FantaFlesh Ass/Vagina1oz. Moist Body Lotion1oz. Toy Cleaner30 grams Fanta Flesh Revive Powder. @winter2019-32

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