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Tenga Spinner Brick

Tenga Spinner Brick

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HOGNIPS-2 are really huge nipsuckers designed to fit fat thick rubbery nips, huge areolas, pumped nips, pierced nips and…they can suck ass…if you dare, try using on your pucker. the original “HOGS” were a blast to use, so we redesigned them, we tweaked the shape, added more spring to the silicone for more suck, and made them in an amazing red/black swirl. Made of indestructible super-firm platinum silicone, these big nippers are heavy and can’t lose their suction—our Platinum silicone doesn’t deform or lose its springiness over time… Length: 2.75”/70 mmWidth: 2.10”/54 mmCircumference: 7”/178 mmDiameter: 2.23”/57 mmInner Circumference: 4.9”/125 mmInner diameter: 1.56”/40 mmInner depth: 2.25”/57 mmWeight: 8.2 ounces/.23 kgWeight in packaging: 8.4 ounces/.24 kg

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