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Stardust Posh Rechargeable Massager Pink

Stardust Posh Rechargeable Massager Pink

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Are you still manually spreading butt cheeks? Well, it's a new era of hands-free butt-spreadin' fun! Exposed Booty Tape® the Original Butt Cheek Spreader – created by Couples Co™ – can do some spreading for you, so hands are free to explore other cheeky things like tickle a gooch, play with breasts, and even touch yourself. When your hands are free, it opens up more areas of sensations for your hands to explore... "Just tape 'em up, spread 'em up."PRO TIP: Add some roleplaying scenarios like "Doctor and Patient" for an unforgettably *exposed* time!KEY FEATURESForeplay ApplicationHands-Free for Easier Cunnilingus or AnalingusHands-Free Deeper Vaginal or Anal SexSpice Up Date NightExplore Kinky RoleplayingCheeky Gift IdeaINCLUDED20x Exposed Booty Tape® strips / 1x Instruction cardNOTEApply to clean, dry skin. Tape does not adhere to lotioned or sweaty skin. Once tape is adhered to dry skin, the tape can then get wet. Please read the instructions card prior to use.

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