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b-Vibe Snug Plug 7 Weighted Silicone Anal Plug Black

b-Vibe Snug Plug 7 Weighted Silicone Anal Plug Black

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Curated with the professional bussybuilder in mind, the b-Vibe Masster's Degree Advanced Anal Set has all the tools you need to get your diploma in derrière dunking. Keep your keister cranked with 10 prostate-pounding professional pieces sure to fulFILL your innermost desires. This set has been curated with the optimal tools for the true bussybuilder. Complete with a wide array of products, explore the depths of extreme anal stimulation with large anal beads and a training cone to prepare you to go large with the Snug Plug 6 for discreet plugging, and the Rimming XL for extreme anal euphoria. For the afistionados we’ve also included a set of nitrile gloves for taking the particularly wide plunge. You can also find a bulb enema, lubricant applicator and a guide to advanced anal play to make sure you’re well equipped and well informed to take your experience to the next level. Complete set includes: Snug Plug 6Large Anal BeadsRimming XL Plug, Remote and Charging CordLube ApplicatorDeep-Wash EnemaMasster's Collection GuideHollow Cone12 Black Nitrile GlovesStorage BagDesigner Packaging

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