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Glas Double Play 9.5 in. Dual-Ended Glass Dildo

Glas Double Play 9.5 in. Dual-Ended Glass Dildo

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Heighten sensation and increase pleasure with simply Aqua, a clean, pH balanced water based lubricant that’s slick, sensual, and never sticky. Free of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Parabens, simply Aqua is also vegan, cruelty free, and enhanced with our signature antioxidant rich Olive Leaf Extract for its moisturizing and biostatic properties. When you want a clean lube... do it simply. Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Paraben Free - Enhanced with Olive Leaf Extract - Safe for use with all toy materials - • Great for all types of play - Latex Friendy - Long Lasting - Reactivated with moisture - pH Balanced. SIZE: 4.0oz @summer2020-23 @summer2020-26 @summer2020-32

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