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Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Vanilla Massage Oil 90 ml / 3 oz.

Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Vanilla Massage Oil 90 ml / 3 oz.

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The Desirable has a super powerful new generation F1 motor with 10 vibration modes and a flexible tip vibrator that accommodates any woman's shape and is perfectly shaped for hitting your g-spot to create the most intense internal and external orgasm ever experienced! The Desirable has a rechargeable battery with a magnetic USB charging port and included charger. When fully charged it will last for 60 min It's soft to the touch, smooth and waterproof design is made from medical grade silicone, making the Desirable easy to clean. Traditional clitoral sex toys only stimulate the external part of the clitoris. But like you, the clitoris has secret hidden depths. Our worldwide patent pending technology creates a touchless sucking sensation on your clitoris via sonic pulse waves. Using these sonic pulse waves to penetrate deep into the clitoral tissue, not just the parts you can see, you will undergo an earth shattering experience the likes of which you have never felt before. Sound is created by a mechanical vibration and transmits energy through a medium (in this case elastic). As sound waves are transmitted, there are parts of the wave that are compressed (increase in pressure or density) and parts that are rarefied (decrease in pressure or density), these waves obey laws of reflection and refraction thus creating this special vibration inside the clitoral tissue that can only be achieved through this technology. And with 11 pleasure-inducing settings, you are sure to find the perfect one for you. Use it for seconds, minutes, or hours. Unlike other vibrators, you won't become desensitized or overstimulated with time while using the Desirable. So, whether this is your first time or you are an experienced connoisseur of all things that buzz, it will provide you with an extraordinary feeling unlike no other. Are you ready for the most intense multiple orgasms you have ever experienced? Dimensions package 6.38" x 6.22" x 2.76"Weight package 14.64 ozProduct dimensions 4.25" x 4.92" x 1.5"Product weight 5.29 ozProduct diameter 1.38"Insertable length 3.94"Quantity motors 2Rotations per minute 4500 RPMRotations vibration tip 5500 RPMSpeed modes 10Noise level 60 dBRechargeable YesRechargeable time 120 minRecharged battery lifetime 60 minWaterproof YesSplashproof YesPhthalate free YesSpecifications Touchless air wave modes: 11Vibration speed modes: 3Vibration pattern modes: 7Materials Medical grade silicone, ABS

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